Presentation Proposal

People in group: Manvinder, Jovan, Herveen, Navleen, Gurjiwan, Avneet

Main Purpose: We are dedicated to establish an Instagram page where we are able to educate people on how to balance their work with their life. We want to do this because there are many people including people like us, and we want to relieve stress off of people. We want to be able to spread how to create a schedule to make it easier to manage your life in different ways. Work life balance is a very important skill in life.

Method of Presentation: We will be putting up the Instagram page on the projector, and then we will be putting up different posts and we will be explaining them and we will try to inform as much as possible using the Instagram page projected above and we will also try to rotate between people in the group and will say what we need to say.

This project will be useful in the future because people will benefit off of the purpose of this project. We are trying to help people establish a schedule to help with work-life balance, and people will benefit off of this because they will be able to balance their life and they will be able to get rid of a lot of stress that could be coming if they do not have a schedule.

Highlights: Instagram Page with different posts, GoAnimate video that talks about our project, project-based learning document which has all the answers.





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