Individual Assignment

Assignment: In detail explain to me what problem your Instagram account is aiming to solve.


Instead of trying to fix problems right now, we are doing things to avoid new problems. We are trying to educate people on how to balance their life and work, and we can educate people and inform them on this. There are many issues occurring right now between work life balance and people. In today’s fast-paced workplace, most of us are urged to do more, faster, and with fewer resources. There seems to be more pressure to be successful—whatever that means—than ever before. While doing the job of two or three people at work, we’re expected to be exemplary parents and have a fulfilling personal life in which we rear perfect children, enjoy our hobbies, volunteer in the community, and take superb care of our bodies, spirits, and minds.

Tips that we are trying to spread in this Instagram account are such as following :-

Stay Active: You need to go out and stay active and get involved in activities.

Use your Calendar: You need to plan out schedules and have things planned.

Be Original: Don’t start trying to copy others and copy lifestyles, do what you do best.



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