Pursuit of Happiness

  1.  Did you like this film? Why/why not?

Yes, because this film was very realistic and it wasn’t just randomly impossible and actually made sense. The movie was based on a true story and this helps the movie be realistic, obviously. This is a movie people can relate to and the main character in the movie had very good acting and he was realistic, and viewers and the audience can actually get really engaged in the movie and the atmosphere changes to make the movie seem better and people just silence and tune in to the movie, which makes this movie very likeable.

  1.  What is happiness?

Happiness is when you feel pleasure, cheerful, jolly, carefree or even untroubled. Happiness is the state of being happy, which can mean many different things depending on the person. Happiness can mean when someone feels relief; like in the Pursuit of Happyness movie when he gets the job of a broker. Happiness can also be anything that brings a smile to your face, it can also be when you feel like you don’t care about anything because of how happy you are in the state you are right now and don’t have any troubles or worries about the future.

  1.  Chris wants a better life for him and his son. What do you think he sees as happiness for his son? Do you think he makes the right decisions to achieve this?

I think that Chris sees a life for himself and his son where they are in a decent house with more than enough supplies at home and an economical state where they don’t have to worry about money and he can provide the required needs and any wants that his son wants to have in his life, and Chris can do anything he wants and has a life where there is leisure and no worries about anything.

  1.  Do you think that people have an unalienable right (i.e. a right that should not be taken away from them) to happiness? Why/why not?

Yes and no, because it depends on the route they are taking to the pursuit of happiness. If people are taking the clean and clear way, where there is nothing going on against the law, nothing ethically wrong being done and they are just doing what is necessary for happiness, then it should be an unalienable right. But, if the route their taking is against the law, then definitely no. If their happiness requires killing someone, stealing money, framing someone or anything like that, then it should definitely be an unalienable right.

  1.  “And it was at that time that I thought about Thomas Jefferson writing that Declaration of Independence. Him saying that we have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. And I thought about how he knew to put the ‘pursuit’ in there, like no one can actually have happiness. We can only pursue it.”(Chris)

Do you think anyone can achieve happiness? Why/why not? Is pursuing happiness better than achieving happiness or not? Why?

Anyone can achieve happiness, easily. Because, to gain and achieve happiness, one needs to follow the right path, you are always shown the right path, it is just up to you to make the right choice. Everyone can achieve happiness, but some people just can’t make the right choice. Achieving happiness is easily better, because there is a lot of hard work involved in the path and many difficulties in life appear. Achieving it puts you on the top of the world and puts you in a huge state of relief and happiness.

  1.  Do you believe that you can always get what you want if you try hard enough?

Yes, because some things require a lot of trying, so people quit before they have the chance to achieve it. All the hardest things and jobs are achieved by someone in the world, because they tried hard enough, anyone can get anything, but people don’t put in the effort and they don’t try hard enough.

  1.  How do you feel about Chris’s goals in life? To what extent do you identify with them in your own life?

His goals were to achieve happiness and get his son to have a better life. I feel that those were realistic goals and they are the path to success. Those were goals that Chris wasn’t selfish about and that’s a good thing, because he actually cared about Christopher and if Christopher was happy, then Chris was happy. I can’t relate to those yet, because those are kind of adult goals and I am not at that place where I have to help someone else to get a better life.

  1.  What things do you think we should pursue in life? Is happiness one of those things? Why/why not?

You should pursue your dreams. Your dreams can make you successful. Successfulness can make you happy. Everyone in the world has dreams and they always want to become that, but sometimes, those dreams are too hard to work for. For example, if you want to become a professional soccer player in the big leagues, people think it’s impossible and they just don’t try. But, if you think about it, the people that already are in the big leagues had a dream too. Pursue your dreams and things come along with it that already include happiness.

9. Do you think Chris should have tried to seek regular steady employment to provide for his family and prevent some of the hardships his family and son had to face?


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